1. What is a rental retirement community? back to top

    It is a building with private apartments and adjoining community space. Services such as meals, housekeeping, transportation, and linen service are provided and included in the monthly rental fee. It is designed for active, independent senior adults who want to live a more carefree lifestyle.

  2. How is Sommerset different from other retirement communities in Loudoun County? back to top

    We have many differences!  If you ask our residents, they say the chief differences are these: (1) we are not operated as a “chain,” so residents have a strong voice in how Sommerset is run. (2) It’s lively! Unlike communities that also offer assisted living, the feel is less like a medical facility and more like a fun college dorm. (3) It’s a great value. There’s no buy in or entrance fee. The monthly rent is affordable. There’s free transportation. The facilities are spacious and exceptionally well-maintained and close to excellent shopping, entertainment and medical services. (4) The staff! We have very low turnover because we treat our employees very well. This gives employees a chance to really know and care about not just their jobs, but each and every resident.

  3. Who is eligible? back to top

    There are no age limits. However, the building, services and amenities are designed especially for senior adults.

  4. Will I be able to come and go as I please? back to top

    Absolutely!  You will have all the freedom and independence you want. At the same time, you can be assured of the full attention from our staff members who are always available to provide any assistance you need.

  5. I don’t drive. Will I be able to live at Sommerset? back to top

    Yes. That’s one of the advantages of living here. We provide free chauffeured bus service to doctor’s appointments, shopping, churches, banks and the post office.

  6. May my friends and family visit me? back to top

    Certainly. While some retirement communities discourage – and even restrict – overnight visits from family and friends, we welcome them. They may always visit you here. If you’d like to entertain them in our dining room, there is a nominal charge for guest meal. They may even stay overnight here in our guest suites, again for a nominal charge.

  7. Will pets be allowed? back to top

    Yes. Of course there are some necessary guidelines to observe regarding size, weight, noise and where the pet is permitted. There are specific areas of the building where no pets are allowed. There is a small additional fee for pets. Our Marketing Consultant can be more specific.

  8. Do I bring my own furniture? back to top

    Yes, your priceless possessions will allow you to personalize your apartment. Vertical blinds, wall-to-wall carpeting and kitchen appliances are provided. Telephone jacks and basic cable hookups are in each apartment.

  9. What laundry services will be provided? back to top

    Flat linen service is included in your monthly rental fee. With your premium option the housekeeper will change your linens weekly. You may do your own personal laundry at no additional cost in the residential laundry facilities provided on each floor.

  10. Will there be an entrance fee? back to top

    No. Unlike many other retirement communities, Sommerset does not charge an entrance or endowment fee. This allows you to keep your options open. You can move if and when you would like.

  11. Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of? back to top

    The monthly rental fee comprises most of your living costs including water, trash, heating and air conditioning. We advise our residents to purchase an insurance policy to cover your personal possessions and liability.

  12. Will I have to sign a long-term commitment? back to top

    No. You will be pleased to know that a one-year lease is not required but is available.  All that we ask is for a month-to-month residency agreement which you may terminate with a 30 day notice.

  13. What happens if my spouse or I become less independent? back to top

    If that happens, you will not have to worry. Private caregiver arrangements can be made. This means that you can stay together. This is an important difference from communities where you or your spouse would be moved into a separate assisted living ward.

  14. How do I determine if I can afford to live at Sommerset? back to top

    Consider all sources of income. If you own your home, include the proceeds from its sale as well as income from investing the proceeds. Remember, there will be no additional fees for maintenance, taxes, insurance on the building, central heating and air conditioning, water and trash pickup. We will be happy to help you make a confidential financial assessment.

  15. I am interested. What do I do now? back to top

    Simply contact us at (703) 450-6411. We will answer any questions you may have and assist you in completing your application, and reservation fees are 100% refundable.   Apartments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.