All the fun of a college dorm. All the peace of a private home.

Located on a tree-lined drive in Sterling, VA, Sommerset is the rental retirement community for active seniors who want to put down roots and spread their wings.

  • Exceptional value. There is no entrance fee or buy-in. Instead, renting month-to-month at Sommerset rewards you with flexibility and with beautifully run facilities, a rich scope of activities, and outstanding medical services, shopping and entertainment in Sterling and Leesburg. Our experienced, long-tenured staff clears away chores and concerns so you can enjoy an independent lifestyle with a new family of “kindred spirits.”
  • So much to discover. Unlike senior living communities that include assisted living, Sommerset is more like a college campus. There are so many activities! Plus, every weekday, our free chauffeured bus takes residents “off campus” — to see their own doctors or enjoy adventures everywhere from downtown Washington to West Virginia.
  • A real home. Unlike retirement communities run as a “chain,” Sommerset is run as your home.  You’ll have a strong voice in how things operate and you’ll enjoy the feel of an old-fashioned, close-knit neighborhood where people know each other, enjoy each other, socialize together and are there for each other.


“I came to Sommerset after several years at Sunrise. The attitude of residents and staff is just great. From front desk to maintenance, I can’t say enough good things.”

Let us show you life at Sommerset!
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