From your first day, you’ll be welcomed…

The residents of Sommerset Retirement Community are seniors who are actively enjoying life – meeting people, sharing experiences and doing things they just haven’t had the time to do until now.

Sommerset residents are also some of the warmest, friendliest people on earth.  You’ll immediately feel welcomed and quickly become an active part of a real, old-fashioned community of friends who share a love of independence and a love of joining together to try new things, make discoveries and find new reasons to smile every single day.


Finding an Extended Family at Sommersetgrandparents-in-senior-housing

What our residents say:

“It’s a great place to live and a great way to live
– independent but not alone or on your own.”

“It feels like my own community. So professional,
but caring. I can’t say enough good things.”

“We’re always doing something. We joke that at
Sommerset the bus will take you everywhere from your
doctors’ appointments to the Charles Town Casino.”

“Sommerset is so friendly and open – like a fun college dorm.”

“It feels like a big family.”

“We’re not a bunch of folks sitting around
feeling sorry for ourselves. We’re really living.”