The ideal balance of independence and care.

Need help downsizing?


Sommerset is a retirement community for active, independent senior living. Still, staying independent and active sometimes means adding an extra layer of support.

Rely on an exceptional staff. We have experienced personnel on duty 24 hours a day to provide residents with everything from routine assistance to a fast response in an emergency.

We can help you add extra support, too. When additional support is needed, we can help you with your own best arrangements for private care giving. A health aide, for example, might make all the difference in independence by coming in a few days a week to help with various activities. There are a wide range of licensed care giving agencies in the Sterling, Leesburg and Ashburn area. This means you are free to make your own decisions about what will work best for you and your family. We are here to help you every step of the way by offering our knowledge of care giving solutions and local providers as well as helping to integrate your own personal support system into daily life here at Sommerset.

Advantages for couples.  Our community’s flexibility in working with outside caregiver resources is especially valuable when couples develop differing needs for care. At Sommerset, they can remain together instead of having one spouse separated into an assisted-living facility or Alzheimer’s ward.

Sommerset Retirement’s wellness program with Fox Rehab 


Need help selling your home or downsizing?

For over two decades, Sommerset’s caring staff has helped families and residents get through the downsizing process.

We are experienced at helping seniors and their families work with Realtors. We can even offer advice to get the home marketable. We also care about making your new home perfect. That’s why we’ll help with selecting furniture and doing everything we can on our end to help residents look forward to moving into their new home and the next wonderful chapter of life.